The Language of Desire by Felicity Keith

Dirty Words to Make Him Yours

“Talk dirty to me,”
he said on our one year anniversary…

We were in bed, making love. I felt a rush of panic in my chest.


“Tell me how you feel…,” he grunted again.

And I felt my mouth go dry. My heart racing as I panicked and my mind went totally blank.

What did he want me to say?

What did he want me to do?

Finally, awkwardly I opened my mouth and whispered

“Your penis feels really good”…


Like a tumbleweed rolling across a street in the Old West.

He didn’t ask again. He closed his eyes like he was concentrating.

And I wondered what he was thinking of. I wondered where he went.

But the worst part happened later that night…

It was a little after 2 in the morning when I woke up and found the bed empty.

I pulled on my robe and padded out to the living room…

thinking he’d gone to get a drink of water or something.

And then I heard a sound that sent a chill through my whole body…

A female voice. Moaning.

My palms sweaty, I crept around the corner and saw him…

The man I loved, Kevin…

Sitting at the computer nakedTouching himself.

We’d just made love a few hours before but here he was masturbating and watching PORN

I’ve always wondered why guys do that…

Why would you need to watch porn when you’ve got a real woman right there?

On the screen was a girl… not much prettier than me…

Touching herself and moaning and saying the dirtiest, naughtiest, things…

Things a “good girl” like me would never think of…

Things I thought I could never make myself say…

Even though I felt devastated and betrayed

I just couldn’t look away… And then I looked at Kevin’s face and saw…

A smile like I’d never seen before.

In a year together I’d never seen him look so happy and masculine and satisfied

I know I don’t have to tell you how worthless and ugly I felt…

How I felt like I could never measure up to his fantasies I never even really knew he had…

And I thought of the times we’d tried to “experiment” and I’d wanted him to try new things and he just grumbled like a sad puppy.

I acted like I was asleep when he came back to bed.

Like I’d been asleep the whole time, burying my face in the pillow so he wouldn’t see the tears.

He spooned me and I shuddered and had to bite my tongue so I didn’t tighten up.

And I lay there for hours thinking and making a decision. I thought of how I looked in the mirror

I’d never be a supermodel. I’d never be 22 again (thank God.) I’d never be a pornstar and never wanted to be. And lying there, feeling his breath on my neck

I knew I could do one of 3 things…


I could ignore that this ever happened…
bury my head in the sand and pretend we were happy.


I could confront him. I could get
MAD at him for looking at other girls
and thinking about other girls…
I could be furious and yell at him
and FORBID him from ever looking
at porn again…
and end up pushing him further away.


Or I could make the choice I did…

I could learn the secret fantasies of my guy… of all guys.

I could learn the sexual psychology of men (why men want what they want)…

And I could learn to play his secret desires like a violin…

And inspire him to give me everything I’ve ever fantasized about too…

I fired up my laptop the next day excited at what I was going to learn…

But quickly I got frustrated… And then disgusted

All over the internet all I found were books and articles and Youtube videos by sleazy, pick up artist type guys and 22 year old bimbos telling me that I had to act like a slut or a nymphomaniac teenager to make a man happy…

And I knew that couldn’t be the truth.

I knew that getting what I wanted didn’t have to mean giving up who I was.

So I went on a mission to find out the truth

The next few months were a thrill and a rush of revelations…

I made myself watch porn and instead of being
disgusted and judgmental

I acted like a scientist…

I asked myself WHY men seemed to need
this stuff so much…

I studied what the most popular pornstars in the videos whispered in their husky voices and discovered the secret rocket fuel for the male ego…

Through a forum, I tracked down a retired phone sex operator who’d played fantasy girl for thousands of men

She taught me the power of the feminine voice…
the exact tone that bores into a man’s mind…

and what men are really seeking emotionally when they think they’re seeking sex…

I got my best guy friends fall over drunk until they finally broke the “Bro Code” and told me what they REALLY wanted…

And scribbled furious notes as she explained why men can become “erotically impotent” with women they love…

And how to keep it from ever happening to you.

I read books and websites and blogs and interviewed college professors about evolutionary psychology and WHY men are wired the way they are…

I read smut written for men and studied EXACTLY why some stories got 5 star ratings from guys while others I thought were really good were ignored…

And then, with all this jumbling around in my brain,

I sat down at my laptop and boiled EVERYTHING I’d learned and discovered into

33 powerful tricks and techniques that would wake up the animal
in my man
and fix his hunger right on me where it belongs…

Thumbing through the finished file I felt a heat through my whole body…

My cheeks flushed with pride… I’d done it…
I’d done what no woman had ever done before…

I’d created an “Owner’s Manual”
for a man’s most important
erogenous zone

His mind & His imagination

A few weeks later Kevin and I were rolling around again, smiling, having fun.

He didn’t even ask me to “Talk Dirty” this time…

I guess he didn’t want to be disappointed again. He was on top of me. Inside me.

Our faces just inches from each other. He closed his eyes and I knew he was miles and miles away…

Getting what he craved from his fantasies because he thought I couldn’t give it to him.

I took a deep breath and felt terrified like I was jumping off a bridge but I said it…

The “Lust Mirror” phrase I’d discovered…

A little trick that forces a man out of his head and right back into the moment by reflecting his secret desires back at him…

His eyes flew open like he was just seeing me for the first time.

He looked deeply into my eyes and I knew he was right there with me.

Seeing me. Feeling me.

Listening to my voice. And I saw that smile again.

But this time he wasn’t
looking at porn. He was
only looking at me.

Over the next hour I took control of his fantasies, whispered naughty words in his ear, stoked his ego, teased him, made him feel powerful and desired and strong and masculine.

And in return he opened up and gave me everything

He made dirty, amazing, wonderful love to me. Touched me. Whispered to me.

Asked me about my fantasies and fulfilled them

Gave me intense pleasure again and again that lit every cell of my body on fire and left me flushed and exhausted and happy in a way I never thought I would feel.

I bet you can feel right now how wonderful that was…

We both couldn’t stop giggling and laughing when we were done…

We basked in the glow, feeling
connected and silly and happy and in love.

He looked me in the eye and asked “Where the hell did THAT come from?”

I just smiled. And he curled up next to me and hugged me tight and we slept and dreamed so soundly like that, twisted in the blankets until the alarm went off the next day.

I told my best friend, Michelle all about it at lunch. She was scandalized and excited. As we were paying the bill she super-casually said…

“So, Felicity, did you learn anything I can use with Rob?”

She said it with a laugh, twisting her wedding ring on her finger like an anxious tic.

I wasn’t sure at first. I’d worked so hard for so long…

She’s my best friend, how could I say no?

At midnight I got a text from her in all caps with a HUGE smiley emoticon saying…

I guess Michelle couldn’t keep a secret… Or maybe people could just see the glow…

My sister, Laura called me up and asked if I had a trick for her to try “You know, just for fun!”…

Laura was “always single” and was always complaining that guys pulled away after a couple dates.

She said she used the “Cuddle Hormone” technique I’d created with a guy while sitting at dinner… She got to work the next day to find a huge bouquet of flowers and a note begging to take her out again.

And then things got a little crazy.

I achieved this weird cult status locally…

Friends, family… 22 year old girls to 70 year old recent divorcees to my MOM (who I refused to talk to about ANY of this stuff) started to use my techniques.

And raved about how easy and magical it was to make a man a “Monogamy Addict” this simple way: to take away all his distractions so he suddenly sees you as the only woman in the world for him.

Somewhere along the way what I was teaching all these women got the name:

“The Language Of Desire

And it kind of stuck, because that’s what it is: The secret erotic language of the masculine mind.

Which brings us to now

And brings us to you learning the Language Of Desire too.

I’m about to unlock this door for you, but first there’s something I desperately need you to understand about love and passion and lust and the minds of men:

Because this isn’t just a power, it’s a responsibility.

Once you learn how to tease and gloriously torment a man this secret way…

You’ll be able to give him a more intense, pleasurable, connected and erotic sexual experience sitting at table at a restaurant acting completely innocent as far as everyone around you is concerned…

Than his ex-girlfriend could in a whole sweaty, naked weekend.

And this next thing is important, listen to me closely

You’ll be able to do all of this without ever acting or feeling like a slut.

I know this sounds almost supernatural (And I can’t wait for you to experience what it feels like to be so totally wanted.)

But this isn’t magic… It’s science.

It’s chemistry… Because the dirty, wonderful words and phrases you’re about to learn have been psychologically designed to hit the masculine mind like a drug…

Imagine if we took a brain scan of the man you want at the moment you look him in the eye, smile and whisper these very special words

If you compared it to a brain scan of a heroin addict at the moment he injected into his vein, would you be able to tell the difference? Not really.

In both cases you’d see an explosion of dopamine flooding his brain…

If you don’t know what dopamine is, it’s the pleasure chemical…

Other things that create dopamine explosions:

  • Share a passionate
    with someone
    you love…
  • Cheat on your diet…
  • Gorge on chocolate
  • Win the lottery…

And that hit of dopamine is what motivates every man, woman and animal on this planet…

And without even knowing why he’s going to come to you again and again to get his fix.

So, Are you ready to feel what it’s like to be the only one for him?

Are you ready for him to put down the cell phone, stop talking about work, and really be present with you?

Are you ready to be his sexual obsession?
If you’re still reading this it’s means the
answer is yes, yes, yes.

The Language Of Desire is the result of over a year of non-stop,
intensive research, testing and work…

Hard work I did, so you don’t have to…

See, when I decided to share these techniques with women around the world I set myself a goal as big and lofty as climbing Everest

And to reach that goal this new program needed to accomplish 3 things


It had to be EASY!

As close to “Done for you” as possible so you don’t have to worry about coming up with the words or memorizing a bunch of stuff.



Which is why this language teaches you how to INSPIRE a man to give you what you want and need so much.



For me to feel satisfied this system had to be more than just dirty words on a page. Just by allowing yourself to experience this program you’ll transform your whole attitude towards men and sex and open yourself to a whole new world of intimacy, connection and pleasure…

Here’s just a tiny sample of the secrets you’re going to learn and the amazing results you’re going to get when you get the Language Of Desire program today…

The Pavlov’s Erection

Use this and you’ll condition a man
to become unreasonably turned on
and vibrating with desire for you
every time you whisper a seemingly innocent phrase of your choice
in his ear.

Next you’ll discover the
secrets of “The Cuddle

And how to trigger a massive rush of
this “magic love potion” in his mind
so he shakes with desire, sees you as
his one and only love and would
do anything to keep you safe.

Quick Quiz: What’s the one word
that a man desperately wants to hear
his woman say (but that almost
no woman does?)

The “Sexual Singularity
is a powerful word that
hammers a man’s
attention to you and
makes him feel more
desired and appreciated
than any woman has
ever made him
feel before.

Next you’ll get “The
Tease Intensifier
how to slowly “raise
the heat” with a man
so he clutches
the table with
unbridled lust…

(Barely able to contain the
smile on his face.)

Important: You’ll also
learn the trick of how
to plant a “Desire Seed
in a man’s mind…

This controversial technique allows
you to tell a man EXACTLY what
YOU want in bed so you get your
fantasies met…

Without any fear of being
embarrassed. In fact, you’ll discover
that using this technique creates a
intimate bond between you and a
man where his desires and yours
become one and the same.

Next I’ll introduce you
to the “Erotic Action
” technique…

I’ll show you how to use texts, Skype
or the phone to create a vivid
emotional MOVIE in his head where
he’s the hero you’re the woman
he’d do anything for.

Moment by moment, scene by scene
you’ll use feminine vulnerability to
inspire him, motivate him and make
him feel like the MAN he’s always
wanted to be.

SIDE EFFECT: Use this method on a
guy and don’t be surprised if he starts
getting up earlier, smiling more, doing
more for you around the house,
taking you on amazing dates or
even treating you like a QUEEN.

What about those times you just
can’t have sex?

I know I’ve had times when I thought I
couldn’t please a man because my
body was betraying me or we just
didn’t have time. Or when I could feel
his frustration because he was so
horny and I just wasn’t in the mood.

That’s why I came up
with the concept of
The No-Touch Lay”…

Do this and you’ll both feel like you
had deep, connected, rafter-shaking sex without taking off a single item of
clothing and without even touching.

I don’t even have time to tell
you about…

The “Monogamous Male
” which
makes him BEG to be
yours and only yours

One simple erotic phrase that makes
a guy actually WANT to take out
the trash…

The Romance
” which
activates the deep
(and sometimes
hidden) romantic
impulse deep in
his mind…

And so much more

Sick of your guy looking at porn
and ignoring you?

You’ll get the “Porn
” phrase you
can use to make him
turn off the computer,
chase you into the
bedroom and SEDUCE
you as the gorgeous
woman you are, right
in front of him.

Always wonder what really
turns him on?

The “Erotic Telepathy
” allows you
to crawl into his mind,
past all his defenses
and discover his
deepest, most passionate fantasies…
fantasies he’s not even
consciously aware
he has.

Warning: Using this technique is like having
the true core of a man projected
onto a 30 foot movie screen for you
to see. ONLY use this if you want to
know a man on a truly deep level.

You’ll get so excited when you
use this one…

I call it the “Lust
” technique…

This method is so easy to do, but
so powerful…

It allows you to actually create a
feedback loop” of desire between
you and your man…
Where the more turned on you
are, the more turned on he gets…
The more turned on he is, the
more turned on you get…

Until you’re both aching with mutual
desperation… The heat builds like
a volcano until he’s finally almost-
forced to take you in his arms…

This next one isn’t for the
faint of heart…

It’s called the “Oral
” phrase to
use when giving your
guy head that makes
him feel worshipped,
adored, taken care of
and willing to slay
to keep you
in his life.

He won’t know what came over
him… but will know you’re the only
that can make him feel “right”
ever again.

Remember when you were a
teenager and just kissing made you
feel like you were on fire? I know
you want to feel that again…

Using my “Invisible
Chastity Belt
” method
you’ll turn up the
erotic intensity by
taking sex OFF the

He might gently complain at first…

But then he’ll nibble at your neck,
kiss your lips like ice cream, hold
you against him, claw at the wall
and tell you EXACTLY how much
you turn him on…

Next we’ll go to new levels of
dirty wonder

With “The Madonna

This has nothing to do with a pop
singer and everything to do with YOU
getting truly in touch with the most
erotic you…

Using a simple exercise you’ll learn to
totally relax sexually…

To open yourself to new levels of

The first time YOU hear this new
moan come out of your mouth you’ll
be shocked…

The first time HE hears it? He may
growl. He may burst into tears.

He may whisper an awe struck
Thank You” in your ear for making
him know what it’s truly like to
be a man

And that’s not even half of what
I’m giving you in this sacred and
powerful program…

Or “The Friend To
” method…


ONLY use this if you’re sick of being
friends with a guy and want
him to SEDUCE you… Once you
say this there’s no going back.

Who The Heck Am I To Make Such An Amazing
Promise And Why Should You Believe Every Word
You Read On This Page?

Like I said, my name is Felicity Keith

And no, I’m not a stripper or a “Sexpert” or a nymphomaniac or anything like that…

If you saw me at the supermarket you would just see a regular forty-ish, slightly-overweight single mom…

But that’s not what my boyfriend, Kevin sees at all…

When he looks at me?

He sees his lover he could never live without…

Because after months and months of work, testing this stuff in my own life, giving it to women from 18 to 80 and hearing their amazing, passionate, raving reviews

Here we are at the top of Everest…

“All I Can Say Is WOW!!”

“The Language Of Desire is AWESOME. It doesn't feel slimy and sleazy like other sex advice products. This one actually showed me a way that I can tap into my sexual and sensual side without coming across as a slut. Felicity gets down to the nitty gritty, cuts out the fluff and totally delivers quality advice that I could use instantly. IN FACT, I just used one of her tips from Module 5 on the element of surprise on my husband this afternoon and all i can say is WOW :-) Big thumbs up from me on this product.”

Marni Kinrys
Host of the Ask Women Podcast


“My boyfriend wants to know if I took a ‘Naughty Minx’ course because he is floored with how hot things have become in the bedroom. He LOVES my newly acquired "Madonna Moan" so much that he tries anything he can to hear it all the time now. There is nothing left to say but THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!”

Bea Patterson

Kept Her Sailor Thinking Of Her – Best Phone Sex Ever

“My BF is a sailor and even though we live in the same county, our work schedules have been crazy. I sent him a couple of emails and texts and was rewarded with the most mind-blowing phone sex ever”


“Brought my ex husband back!”

“Hi I really loved this program I was divorced for about a year still could not get over my soul mate. I tried dating and I just didn’t feel it in my heart. Then I tried your techniques in your language of desire on my ex husband everything fell into place the passion is hotter than before and we are starting a new life again… He asked me to marry him and our marriage is the best Just making small changes can give you a lifetime of happiness…

Thank you for this fantastic program”



“Thank you Felicity for changing my life! My husband and I were having sex once, maybe twice a month. I was convinced that I had tried every trick to get him interested in sex and failed miserably. After reading your book, I started teasing him via text while we were visiting his grandmother. It was fun watching him squirm from across the room. By the time we got home, he couldn't keep his hands off of me. I used the Madonna Moan, which was very liberating and excited him. He even opened up and told me his fantasies! Much to my surprise we had hot, passionate sex three times in 24 hours! Not only was this well-written and fun to read, but it TRULY WORKS!! I am recommending your book to all of my friends!”


“Our sex life is AMAZING now!”

“I don’t know what kind of crazy voodoo you put in this program, but our sex life has been AMAZING since I read it. I bow down to you, Felicity Keith!”


OK… Can you feel that?

Your heart beating…

The dryness in your mouth… That incredible desire to know this…

To be able to do this…

To have this power?

To have that special man need you (and only you) like THIS?

How much is it worth to have this at your fingertips?

How much is it worth to be his ultimate fantasy?

How much is it worth to be the mistress of his imagination?

How much is it worth to know you can fix almost any problem that comes into your relationship just by saying a few magic words?

I don’t want to bring you down here…

But I see so many women every day in misery because they don’t understand men

They drag their boyfriends or husbands to “couples counseling” which costs THOUSANDS of dollars does absolutely nothing to give them the attention and connection and pleasure they deserve…

Or women who complain about being alone… Who spend so much money on dating sites and fancy clothes… But who just don’t understand the psychology of masculine attraction and need

So think about that for a second… Keeping that solid in your head…

What do you think would be a fair price for “The Language of Desire?”

If you’re being completely honest, I bet you’d say that $297 or more would be totally fair to change your life with men forever

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But I’m a single mom of two beautiful, hungry and expensive kids…

I know that even when you want something so much and know it’s a TOTAL steal at the price you’re paying

As a woman, sometimes you just can’t give yourself what you need. Which is why I’m going to do something kind of risky here…

Not a risk to you…

But a big risk to me…

See, my mission in life is to give regular women like you and me POWER

And if I have to take a hit to my pocketbook to accomplish that mission?
That’s just the way it is… If my story resonates with you then I feel like you and I have a lot in common. I feel like we’re sisters.

So, because you’ve given me some of your precious time, you’re not going to pay $297.

For you, I’m setting the price of “The Language of Desire” at just one single payment of $97.

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If you’re still seeing this page it means he hasn’t forced me to cancel the discount yet.

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I’m going to back everything I’ve said up with a truly astonishing guarantee…

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USE the material… (It’s so easy to use and done for you.)

See for your self how much FUN love and sex can really be when you know this secret code…

If you don’t think the program is worth at least double what you’re paying today, just contact my customer service at any time in the next 60 days…

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That’s why I’ve got 3 very special presents for you just
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First, I’ll give you my:

Silent Seduction

If the Language of Desire is all about how to use words to infiltrate a man’s mind… Silent Seduction is how to create absolute craving in him without saying anything at all.

In this special training I’ll teach you how to use body language… a wink… a smile, the tilt of your head to short circuit his sexual nervous system and drive him absolutely wild.

Your second present is called:

Unstoppable Confidence

Unstoppable Confidence is over 90 minutes of deep conversation and training between Michael Fiore and Michael Griswold teaching you how to have unstoppable confidence with men, and how to use feminine vulnerability to wrap any man you want around your finger.

Your third present is something a bit shocking…

In fact, I can’t give this to everyone…
But if you act right now you’ll get…

The Good Girl’s Guide To Texting Dirty

My private collection of “Done For You Dirty Texts”… Every woman I know has been caught staring at her cell phone wondering what to say to a man when he wants to get a little dirty… That’s why I’m giving you over 200 tested, proven and delicious dirty texts to use on your man…

So let’s add this all up just so
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You’re going to be amazed
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How all men just look at you differently. How guys who “never took you seriously” find themselves ignoring other women and thinking only of you

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Let me leave you with one final lesson…

Do you know what men find irresistibly attractive in women?


The ability to see something you want (and you can feel you want this so much)…

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If you feel like there’s a canyon between you and men…

If you aren’t getting your emotional and physical needs so much more than met…

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Felicity Keith

P.S. Remember, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. If The Language of Desire isn’t everything I say it is and so much more just send an email to my support staff in the next 60 days for a prompt and courteous refund. No BS, no questions asked, no hoops to jump through. If you aren’t 100% satisfied, simply let us know and you’ll get every dime back as quickly as the banks will let us process the transaction.

P.P.S. I don’t want to put pressure on you, but if you’re even a little tempted you need to grab this offer while you still can.

My “Marketing Guy” has been putting a TON of pressure on me to raise the price of LoD and wants me to stop giving away all the bonus presents for free…

I’m fighting as hard as I can to keep the enrollment price as low as I can, but with how popular LoD has become and with the astonishing success stories we’ve been getting he’s convinced that we should be charging at least DOUBLE what we are now…

Listen: This program works. I poured my heart and soul into this material and, besides my children, it’s the thing in this life that I’m the proudest of. I want you to experience what it’s like to have this amazing power with men. I’ve done everything I can to make this the easiest decision of your life

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For just $47, I personally promise you’ll be happy you did. Again, I’m Felicity Keith and
I can’t wait to hear about your success.

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